Fire Hydrant & Shut Off Valve Locations

Update Your Fire Hydrant & Shut-Off Valve Locations
Please help to correct our county GIS information. You can help by collecting all of your hydrants, or a portion of the ones missing from the map, access an Excel spreadsheet (PDF) that will help you get the necessary information for each location. Note: It is very important for you to not only collect locations of just hydrants but also of any known Shut-Off Valve locations as well, now these are not the hydrant shut offs, these would be the water system shut-off locations.

General Data Collection
You can use a standard GPS device to collect the latitude and longitude they are accurate within 3 meters (10 feet). Hint: Make sure there are as little trees as possible to block signal; give your GPS about 10 minutes after turning it on to register enough satellites. Once you have collected the data and entered it into the spreadsheet send in a copy via email and the GIS system will be updated!

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