Emergency Alert System (EAS)

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) replaces the old Emergency Broadcast System. It is a coordinated effort among local Emergency Management, the National Weather Service, and area TV and radio stations to provide information. It is designed to bring you up to the minute emergency information about emergency situations and threats to public safety. The system will be activated when necessary.

Local radio and TV stations work closely with St. Clair County EMA to provide information before, during and after an emergency. Monitor local radio and TV for severe weather and other emergency information.

If you hear a siren or other emergency warning, please do not call 911, police or fire personnel to find out about the emergency. Tune to your local radio or TV stations or Emergency Alert/Weather Radio for information.
EAS Radio Stations
  • WFHK FM 94.1 
  • WJCK FM 88.3
  • WMJJ FM 96.5
  • WTDR FM 92.7
  • WVOK FM 97.9
  • WZZK FM 104.7
EAS Television Stations
  • Local Cable
  • WBRC - FOX TV - Channel 6
  • WIAT - CBS TV - Channel 42
  • WJSU - ABC TV - Channel 33/40
  • WVTM - NBC TV - Channel 13
Indoor Warnings
Emergency alert radios, or weather radios, are the best source for indoor warnings. These radios emit a loud alert signal, and then a voice message is given when a watch/warning has been issued for the area. Every home, office, church, business or any area where people gather should have an emergency alert radio. They can be used to give warning of many types of emergencies, including a chemical emergency, through the cooperation of the National Weather Service.

Outdoor Warnings
Sirens are outdoor warning devices. They are not intended to be heard indoors. Sirens may be used for weather warnings, chemical accidents, and other hazards. If you hear a siren, you should monitor area radio or TV stations or your emergency alert radio for details and then activate your Emergency Preparedness Plan according to the type of emergency.