Subdivision Regulation

Policy No. 12
(Concerning acceptance of subdivision roads for maintenance and payment by the county.)
Subdivision Roads Drawing
Preliminary Plot
The developers will be required to submit a preliminary plot showing the location of right of way, the roads, curves, and grades of roads, and length and diameter (or drainage opening) of all drainage structures. Also, a legal description of the subdivision. This information shall be submitted to the St. Clair County Engineering Department prior to beginning construction of the roads. Upon review and approval, County Engineer will issue a letter to the Developer.

The Developer will submit a plot plan to the E911 director for verifying road names.

Shown below are the specifications roads must be built to in order to be accepted by the St. Clair County Commission.
  • Right of way easement shall be 60 feet (in Cul de Sac area ROW will be 10' outside of Cul de Sac Perimeter) or as approved by Engineer and / or County Commission. Right of way must be clear cut.
  • Roadway width shall be 28 feet from shoulder to shoulder (see attached sketch).
  • The base shall be minimum of 9 inches compacted Chert, (12-inch loose layer) or other approved base.
  • Drainage. All pipe sizes and locations for cross drains (including drainage area for each pipe) shall be submitted to the County Engineering prior to installation. Any bridge structure required must meet current standards for width and load capacity and be approved by County Engineering Department before construction.
  • Pavement. There will be a minimum of 20-foot width pavement. The pavement will consist of tar and gravel surface treatment or as approved by Engineering Department.
  • All Dead End roads must have an 80-foot diameter Cul de Sac.
  • The grade of the road shall not exceed 12%, and all degrees of curvature will be applicable for a minimum design speed of 40 MPH. Where grades exceed 8%, the ditch lines will have rip-rap or other approved means to prevent wash.
  • The Engineering Department will be notified and must approve the placement of tile base course. Also, either certified density reports, coring records, and/or proof rolling will be required.
  • If a water source is available, a minimum 6-inch water line and fire plugs will be installed to assure that each lot is within the proper fire ISO requirements.
  • Fences shall be located off right-of-way line. A clear zone of 10 feet will be maintained from edge of pavement over cross pipes or culverts, including a minimum of 100 feet each side of structure.
  • Further, the St. Clair County Commission will accept said roads for maintenance and County will place double surface tar and gravel pavement upon receipt of pavement for cost of materials. The paving of the Subdivision roads will be coordinated with other County paving schedules when equipment and labor are not needed in other areas of County.