Operations Center

St. Clair County Central Dispatch is the centralized Dispatch Center that handles all calls for public service coming in and going out for all cities and municipalities of St. Clair County.

The Operations Center is equipped with a computerized Dispatch Center (CAD), which enables us to keep up with calls and dispatch them in a timely manner. The CAD system has mapping capabilities that allow us to pin-point exact locations of callers with the capability of communicating with the deaf by TDD. We have ten 911 phone lines, ten administration lines, Nextel, and Southern Linc Communications coming into the Facility. We also have Motorola two-way system operating on 11 frequencies. All telephone lines and radio frequencies are recorded this allows us to review calls when needed to use in court for evidence; these recordings are saved for approximately two years.

Emergency Systems
The Operation Center has the capability of setting off the emergency sirens county wide to warn the citizens about storms or other hazardous situations; the St. Clair County EMA provides the sirens. We also have radios that can monitor bad weather conditions and communicate with other agencies throughout the state.

The Center Operates 24 hours a day with a diesel-powered back-up generator. Our Repeater Tower Sites also have generator back-up systems, allowing us to operate nonstop without down time.

All of our Telecommunicators receive training in all fields of service relating to the job. They are APCO certified by 40 hours, EMD certified by 24 hours, NCIC certified by 16 hours, and CPR certified. This training allows us to provide the highest level of professional service to the citizens of St. Clair County.